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Great Nature Photography

Boston.com Nature Slideshow

29 stunning images, which should appeal even to those who aren't into wildlife or photography. Includes an ants closeup by Mark Warren, and exotic waterfowl by Fritz Lantos

Link found courtesy of Palo Alto Camera Club

Digital Nature Photography Course

Our friends at the Palo Alto Camera Club are sponsoring again with the City of Palo Alto a nature photography course that will talk about nature photography as well as some great places to shoot nature photos in the Bay Area.

It looks like you don't need to go to the Serengeti to get great Nature photos. They are to be had here, too; though you might not find a giraffe walking through the streets of Palo Alto. Potentially, a mountain lion...but not a giraffe.

Below are some details from the City's 'Enjoy' catalog dated 2-18-10 and the course fee for non-residents of Palo Alto is $200. You can find out more details here at the Palo Alto Camera Club site.

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