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"The World Around Us"


We are having our annual exhibit “The World Around Us” in the gallery at Keeble and Shuchat from August 11th to September 14th, 2011. We will also be having a party with refreshments on September 10th at 1:00PM.

If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by for the party or just to take a look. You might be surprised at what a bunch of dedicated enthusiasts can produce!

Keeble and Shuchat is located at 290 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94306 - Google Maps.

Photographic Arts Lecture

On September 27, the Palo Alto Camera Club, along with the Mid-Peninsula Photo Alliance, will put on a special photographic arts lecture given by Adobe's well-known Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist, Julieanne Kost – website. Ms. Kost will speak about her photographic journey and her use of Photoshop to carry out her artistic vision.

The free lecture will be held at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre, 1305 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto on Tuesday, September 27, at 7:30 pm. Note that space is limited, so put the date on your calendar and plan to come early to get a seat--first come, first served.

Edward Weston: American Photographer « Monterey Museum of Art

A heads up from Lou Beaudet about a new photography exhibition in Monterey. Here is the description from the Monterey Museum of Art:

"This exhibition is organized from major museum and private collections and will feature vintage prints of Weston’s most famous and admired photographs along with rare images not widely exhibited.

Edward Weston was among the most significant American artists of the twentieth century. The exhibition will span the most prolific decades of his career. Born in Highland Park, Illinois, Weston came to California in 1926, where he began the work for which he is justly famous: sharply-focused black and white photographs of seashells, vegetables, landscapes, portraits and nudes. In 1929, Weston moved to Carmel and created the first of many photographs of the dramatic rocks and trees at Point Lobos. Soon thereafter, he became one of the founding members of Group f/64—a pioneering circle of photographers that included Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham. Widely renowned during his lifetime, Weston became the first photographer to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship for experimental work in 1936."


It begins on June 17. 
The exhibition will be on view at the Monterey Museum of Art-La Mirada located at 720 Via Mirada,Monterey, California, 93940.
(not the main museum, but in a restored historic mansion)

Joan Sparks Photo Exhibition

Figure 1

Come and see an photography exhibition starring our very own Joan Sparks!

Picchetti Winery
13100 Montebello Road
Cupertino, CA  95014

The show will be from 11am-5pm on May 21 and 22.  It's free to anyone attending.

Presentation by Stephen Terlizzi from January Meeting

Great Nature Photography

Boston.com Nature Slideshow

29 stunning images, which should appeal even to those who aren't into wildlife or photography. Includes an ants closeup by Mark Warren, and exotic waterfowl by Fritz Lantos

Link found courtesy of Palo Alto Camera Club

Top 10 Tips for Great Portraits

For a recent Camera Club of Los Altos (CCLA) meeting, Steve Terlizzi did this presentation on Top 10 Tips for Great Portraits. We hope you enjoy it!

Cuba from Inside and Out

Time is short to see the photography exhibition at Foothill College on Cuba from the Inside and Out. A group of young photographers from Foothill College documented their journey to Cuba. Their photos along with some famous Cuba photographers are on display until December 6, 2010.

You can find out more details here.

WeArePhotogs Gauntlet: Look for Uniqueness In An Game of Sameness

by Gary Fong - Available Courtesy of WeArePhotographers.com
Photographer: Jonathan Henderson, www.jpaulphoto.com

Figure 1 - USA vs. Slovenia

Many photographers enjoy doing sports coverage, because they are fans of the game.  They understand it, can anticipate the plays, and know the zones where the best action may take place.


Camera Club of Los Altos Annual Exhibition

Copa Club

From July 1 to July 31, 2010, the Camera Club of Los Altos will display its annual photography exhibit at the Los Altos Library (13 S. San Antonio Road) during library hours. Our members will be showing their best and favorite photos. The photographs will be from various fields of photography so it should be an interesting show.

Also, on July 3 from 2 to 4PM, the club will host our reception. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come and our members, learn about the club, and enjoy refreshments as you enjoy this year's exhibition. And no, we cannot guarantee any showgirls from the Copa Club in Havana. :)

Please visit www.losaltosphoto.com to learn more about the Club. For library hours, visit www.santaclaracountylib.org/losaltos/.

Black and White Photography Presentation

Here is the presentation that Stephen Terlizzi presented at the May 2010 meeting of the Camera Club of Los Altos. Its subject is an overview of Black and White Photography. If you have any questions, please contact us at the Contact Us page.

Fiesta in Nuevo Vallarta

A nice photograph shared by our member Lou Beaudet from his travels in Mexico.

Mexican dancers

An Evening with Bill Atkinson

Special Program: "An Evening with Bill Atkinson" – Wednesday May 26, 2010 - 7:30 pm – Palo Alto Art Center (Auditorium)

Nature photographer
Bill Atkinson, a founding member of the Macintosh design team for Apple, will talk about his forty-year love affair with nature photography. He will share his approach to his work, his attraction to the inner rock patterns found in his book, "Within the Stone," and his current PhotoCard app, which produces high-resolution photo postcards that can be sent via the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Courtesy of the Palo Alto Camera Club and Bill Atkinson Photography.

This event is free and open to the public.

Results of April 2010 ICIC Competition

Above is the competition results from the April 2010 International Club Image Competition (ICIC) of the Photographic Society of America. While we got some respectable scores, our entries did not place in the awards section.

We having been fairing as well as we have liked in PSA competitions lately. We need a program to review last year's winners and determine how we can elevate our game.

2009 Annual Winners - Digital

At our Annual Awards Dinner, we announced the winners of our Digital and Print Competitions in our General A, General B, Monochrome and Special Categories. Below is the digital winners. Click here to see the digital winners gallery, including place winners and the honorable mentions.

Digital Image of the Year and 1st Place in General B
Butterfly by Lana Hysinger


2nd Place - African Summer by Sarah Mitchell
3rd Place - Chilean Iceberg by John Brittain
4th Place - It's a Star by Bob Mills
5th Place - Torres Del Paine by John Brittain
Honorable Mention - Royal Purple by William Jennings
Honorable Mention - Untitled by Peter Ebbing
Honorable Mention - Golden Eagle Standing by Bob Mills
Honorable Mention - 70 Feet Up, No Net by Peter Ebbing
Honorable Mention - All Dressed Up and No Place to Go by Peter Ebbing
Honorable Mention - Untitled 2 by Peter Ebbing
Honorable Mention - Constraints by Stephen Terlizzi
Honorable Mention - Entering the Vase by Lana Hysinger
Honorable Mention - Tree Cutting by LeRoy Smith
Honorable Mention - Yellow Flower by Karen Aden
Honorable Mention - Prince in Chair Lores by LeRoy Smith

1st Place in General A
Venice Reflections by Ray Kaleda

2nd Place - Over Nevada by Darrel Torgerson
3rd Place - California Spring Pastels by Lou Beaudet
4th Place - Waterslide in the Poconos by Lou Beaudet
5th Place - Chapel on a Hill by Ray Kaleda
Honorable Mention - Maroon Bells by Darrel Torgerson
Honorable Mention - General Store Lounging by Dawn Nidy
Honorable Mention - Galapagos View by Janey Morrison
Honorable Mention - Man's Best Friend by Steve George
Honorable Mention - Fremon Tandenron California by Niki Muller
Honorable Mention - Out the Window by Darrel Torgerson

1st Place in Monochrome
Pet Parade Mastiff by William Jennings

2nd Place - Chilean Fjords by John Brittain
3rd Place - Zebra 1 by Lana Hysinger
4th Place - Purisima Creek Redwoods in a Fog by Bob Mills
5th Place - Sagrada Famlia Barcelona by Robyn Aber
6th Place - Flirtation by Niki Muller
Honorable Mention - Jackson Wyoming by Bob Mills
Honorable Mention - Lighthouse by Niki Muller
Honorable Mention - Just a Peek by Lou Beaudet
Honorable Mention - Time to Kill by Lou Beaudet
Honorable Mention - Two Among Many by William Jennings
Honorable Mention - Eye to Eye Contact with a Gorilla
Honorable Mention - Mission Entrance by Dawn Nidy
Honorable Mention - Surf and Spindrift at Timber Cove by Lou Beaudet

1st Place in Special
Old and New Taos Pueblo by Robyn Aber

2nd Place - Gorilla Beckoning Nature by Stephen Terlizzi
3rd Place - Gecko Costa Rico by Niki Muller
4th Place - Haunted Mausoleum by Ted Nidy
5th Place - Cheetah Hunt by Marilyn Howard
6th Place - Did I Tell You the One About? by Karen Aden
Honorable Mention - Orphan Seal Pup Seeking Comfort by David Morrison
Honorable Mention - Mt. View Fire Department to the Rescue by Steve George
Honorable Mention - Morning Rush Hour in Shanghai by John Brittain
Honorable Mention - Galapagos Sea Lions Sunning on the Beach by Janet Morrison
Honorable Mention - Hyena Retrieving Lunch by Lana Hysinger
Honorable Mention - Flower Fairy by Niki Muller
Honorable Mention - Untitled by Trudi Clifton-Vizvary
Honorable Mention - Stargate Alpha 1 by Lou Beaudet
Honorable Mention - Rare Leukistic Eared Grebe at Tula Lake CA by Lou Beaudet
Honorable Mention - Japanese Beetles at Work by Darrel Torgerson

Digital Nature Photography Course

Our friends at the Palo Alto Camera Club are sponsoring again with the City of Palo Alto a nature photography course that will talk about nature photography as well as some great places to shoot nature photos in the Bay Area.

It looks like you don't need to go to the Serengeti to get great Nature photos. They are to be had here, too; though you might not find a giraffe walking through the streets of Palo Alto. Potentially, a mountain lion...but not a giraffe.

Below are some details from the City's 'Enjoy' catalog dated 2-18-10 and the course fee for non-residents of Palo Alto is $200. You can find out more details here at the Palo Alto Camera Club site.

Photoshop's 20th Anniversary on Web TV

Runtime : 17:49

In this documentary, the founders of Adobe Photoshop - John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman - tell the story of how an amazing coincidence of circumstances, that came together at just the right time 20 years ago, spawned a cultural paradigm shift unparalleled in our lifetime.


PSA Entries (Feb 2010)

PSA Entries

Above are the entries for the April PSA Competition. Click on the above graphic to go to the thumbnail gallery. Thanks for everyone who participated.

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