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Sep 2010

Saratoga Symphony

Our own Janet Morrison plays the oboe in the Saratoga Symphony; they have an upcoming concert on Sunday, October 10, at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church at 3 pm in Saratoga.  

DETAILS about this concert follow below.  The music is all by French composers from the Romantic Musical Period with lush melodies and striking rhythms.  The conductor, Dr. Jason Klein, talks about each piece for the audience before it is performed.


WeArePhotogs Gauntlet: Look for Uniqueness In An Game of Sameness

by Gary Fong - Available Courtesy of WeArePhotographers.com
Photographer: Jonathan Henderson, www.jpaulphoto.com

Figure 1 - USA vs. Slovenia

Many photographers enjoy doing sports coverage, because they are fans of the game.  They understand it, can anticipate the plays, and know the zones where the best action may take place.


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