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May 2010

Filoli Photographic Exhibit

Call To Artists

This Fall's Art Photography Exhibit at Filoli (
www.Filoli.org) is titled Bay Area Wildlife: Beautiful, Vital, Fragile. If you are interested in receiving an entry packet to submit prints for consideration, please reply to this email and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number. The exhibit will be on display September 14 through October 24, 2010 and is open to b/w and color print photographs. 

The Theme:  Bay Area Wildlife: Beautiful, Vital, Fragile
The San Francisco Bay Area is home to varied examples of wildlife throughout its bay, ocean, marshland and wooded environs. We seek photographs that explore the beauty and vitality of its subject, as well as the craft and skill of the photographer. Images of animals in the air, land, or sea are welcome, as well as landscape photographs of habitat. Photographic subjects could include birds, mammals, fish, insects, amphibians, arthropods, starfish, jellyfish, or even sponges. We place no limits on your imagination. 
The Wildlife Exhibit will consist of the 30 entries juried to be exceptional, finely crafted photographs that reflect the theme. The overall purpose of the exhibit will be to reflect the interdependence of the wildlife surrounding us, to display its beauty, and to draw attention to the importance of preserving this web of life. 

To receive an entry packet containing forms and instructions, please contact Douglas Campbell the exhibition curator at Filoli promptly with your name, mailing address and phone number. These packets will be sent out in June.

Exhibition timeline:

• Entry packets will be sent to artists in June, upon request.

• Entry forms along with up to three image submissions are due by July 31st. Entry photographs will be 11x14 inches or larger, b/w or color prints only, but unrestricted as to capture/print formats and techniques.

• Notification of acceptance will be sent to artists by August 14.

• The exhibit will be displayed and open to the public September 14 – October 24 during Filoli normal hours of operation.

Black and White Photography Presentation

Here is the presentation that Stephen Terlizzi presented at the May 2010 meeting of the Camera Club of Los Altos. Its subject is an overview of Black and White Photography. If you have any questions, please contact us at the Contact Us page.

Fiesta in Nuevo Vallarta

A nice photograph shared by our member Lou Beaudet from his travels in Mexico.

Mexican dancers

CPID Creative Individual International Competitions

It is a pleasure to announce that the CPID Creative Individual International Competitions are being conducted once again this year. There will be 3 in all, and include both digital capture and slides. The closing dates for the competitions are Saturday, May 15; Thursday, July 15 and Wednesday, September 15. The competitions are open to all PSA individual members, who are in good standing, free of charge.

A web site (www.mdsg.us/2010_ciic) has been established to manage the competitions as well as providing a convenient means for everyone, on a world-wide basis, to participate. There you will find all the necessary information concerning their conduct as well as serving as the means of submitting digital images. Slides must pre-registered, using the web-site, and mailed according to the instructions contained on the web site.

Each entrant may submit one or two images, which must clearly and obviously display “altered reality” adjustments or montages. Slides are limited to those with 2in x 2in (5cm x 5cm) dimensions. The digital image dimensions cannot exceed 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high/tall and must be in “jpg” format. The “sRGB” color profile is recommended for best projection.

Awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as a number of Honorable Mentions. Acceptances will be also be given; however, they are not eligible for use in the PSA Stars or Who's Who Program. The results, along with the winning images, will be posted on the Competitions web site.

Everyone is urged and encouraged to participate in these competitions in order to take advantage of one of the benefits offered by CPID. Not only will you have the opportunity to gain recognition for your own work, but enjoy and learn from the efforts of others. Participation can also serve as a means of providing the motivation to expand your knowledge and skills, in addition to opening new photographic visions and vistas.

For questions, contact Charlie Burke, APSA, PPSA - Director, 2010 Creative Individual International Competitions at nichburke at yahoo dot com.
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