A camera club in Silicon Valley California promoting the mutual enjoyment and learning of the art of photography



Generally, the competitions alternate monthly between digital and print images. There is also a special category each month that will highlight a subject such as nature, travel, photojournalism and creative.

Judges are local photography experts, and are usually members of other Bay Area camera clubs. The judges are familiar with the guidelines set forth for the categories (General B (beginner), General A (advanced), Monochrome and the special category of the month) and do their best to constructively critique the pros and cons of the images shown to them that evening. By default, new members will begin competing in General B. However, members may opt into competing in General A, or will be promoted to General A after acquiring a certain level of winning images. Beginning and advanced members compete in the Monochrome and Special categories together.
The opinions of the judges are subjective, as different judges have different interests and philosophies of photography technique, and may look for certain aspects in your photography that may not interest another judge in the same way. Some judges focus on technical aspects, while others may give more weight to the overall feel or artistic nature of the photo. Images critiqued by one judge may be critiqued in a completely different manner by another.

Each member may enter up to three images in a competition, divided between the categories as they wish. After viewing all of the images, the judge will then generally pick 1st through 5th place in each category for the night. The judge will also choose an image of the month, which can be in any category.

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