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Preparation of Images for Competition:


Prints must be mounted, and preferably covered with an overlying window mat. No glass frames please. The maximum recommended height for mounted prints size is 24 inches; panorama prints wider than 24 inches are acceptable, but the maker should know that illumination may be compromised at the far sides. In order to protect the surface of others' prints that may be in contact with your prints the bottom (back) board on which your print is mounted must be no smaller than the outer edge of the front window mat, and there should be no protrusions on this board that might cause damage to another print . If you have any questions please consult the Print Chair. Do NOT enter your NAME anywhere on the front of the mount or window mat. Entering the title beneath the left lower corner is optional.

Use CCLA labels to enter Title, Category, +/- Level (for Pictorial Color only - A or B), your name, and date of entry. Place the label on the back of the mount, in the nearest empty space to the top left corner.

The same image may be entered on more than one occasion (provided it has not previously received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award), in the same or different (& suitable) category.

Level (for Pictorial Color only): New members are encouraged to view prints submitted by others before deciding at which level they feel comfortable to enter in competition. If uncertain, consult with our Membership Chair (see list of Club Officers) or another experienced member for their opinion of your work.

Please arrive at the meeting at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start, to allow time for entering your name and image title on the appropriate entry sheets (one for each category). This also enables time for informal chat with other members.

Digital Images

1. A maximum of three digital images can be submitted if you are going to be present at the meeting. If you are not going to be present you may submit one image.

2. The dead line for submissions is the Monday before the meeting. Walk ins are not allowed.

3. Images are to be sized at 300 dpi and a maximum of 1024 pixels horizontal by 768 pixels vertical, jpg format.

4. All files are to be titled as follows. Name_Cat_Date_Title.jpg
• Name your name or initials
• _ underscore
• Cat Category
• _ underscore
• Date optional for your use
• _ underscore
• Title the title of your entry
• .jpg the format/compression of your file

5. Examples of entry file names
• RK_G_Red Flower.jpg
• Kaleda_T_Grand Cannel.jpg
• RK_PJ_10Nov25_Jumping off cliff.jpg

6. Typical categories
• G - General
• M - Mono-chrome
• N - Nature
• T - Travel
• P - Portraits
• C - Creative
• PJ - Photo Journalism
• S - Special

7. Note, there is no longer General A or B.

8. Adhering to file name and size is very important. Wrong size file does not work with our software or PSA software and creates pain for the volunteers who send and project images. Files without identifying name also create havoc
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